Natural Slope™

"But by far the best thing about the Skier's Edge is I can ski hard from day 1 and not get fatigued. Years ago, it took about 1 month to build my ski stamina. Now, day 1 is like day 50 of the previous season! Great, great product. Thanks!"

- S. Stark, Conway, NH

Take your Skier's Edge to the next level!

"Get out of your backseat!" has probably echoed up the slope at some point in your skiing career. Whether an experienced or beginner skier - leaning back is probably the most common mistake. With the Natural Slope you'll get dynamic balance while training in an aggressive forward position. Watch Video

The Natural Slope is compatible with all new and past models of Skier's Edge machines. Natural Slope Benefits

  • Increases intensity of leg workout.
  • Keeps your weight over the middle of your skis giving you more control.
  • Increases core engagement.
  • Muscle memory that transfers to the slopes.
  • Dynamic balance.
  • Proper forward lean position.

Call to add the Natural Slope to your existing machine: 800-225-9669

Add the Natural Slope™ to your custom QS7 or T7:

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