Skier's Edge is Not Just For Skiers

In addition to being the #1 Ski Conditioner in the World, the Skier's Edge is the Ultimate Hips, Butt and Leg machine.

The skier's Edge is a fun, non-impact cardio workout that can burn 150% more calories than intense aerobic group workouts. The result is a stronger, leaner and better looking body. With the Skier's Edge, you'll have more energy, less stress, and look great.

What sets the Skier's Edge apart from other exercise equipment?
It works on weight transfer, balance and agility - characteristics of constant motion while on the machine. This allows individuals to raise their heart rate to target zone, thus increasing their cardiovascular fitness - while burning up to 1,540 calories per hour. The Skier's Edge builds strength through lateral motion, which also increases endurance and flexibility.

Why is it necessary to train lateral motion?
Side-to-side movements are common to the majority of sports. Not only is it difficult to train muscles for that kind of motion, but there are very few exercise machines specific to lateral training. The Skier's Edge not only trains the muscles, but also trains them to recall the movement when performing that action during competition.

What about those people with sensitive knees and/or ankles? Does the Skier's Edge put too much pressure on those areas?
Not at all. The Skier's Edge is a completely non-impact form of exercise. The machine moves by exerting body weight against resistance. Your own body weight is the safest weight to work against.

Sports Illustrated says, 'the most fun you will have on any fitness machine in the market'


These sports demand players to be fast, quick and strong. Most important, a player needs lateral strength and excellent cardiovascular fitness. Traditional training methods can develop most of these attributes, but it takes the Skier's Edge to build lateral strength and agility for optimum performance.

The Skier's Edge is a functional training tool for hockey players. It works the larger muscles of the legs and develops the small complex muscles of the ankle. The Skier's Edge teaches hockey players proper edge work and gives the lateral strength and agility needed for quickness.

The anaerobic and aerobic qualities of the Skier's Edge maintain peak performance through non-impact workouts year-round. You can train indoors and stay in top condition, even in inclement weather. The Skier's Edge also trains the less frequently used lateral muscles and core in these sports.

All Golfers know how essential lower body agility and strength are for proper weight transfer during the golf swing. The Skier's Edge helps you develop lower-body agility and strength, while helping to improve your weight transfer, driving distance, swing consistency and club-head speed.

Only 25 percent of the power in any player's game comes from the racquet. The other 75 percent comes from strength, stroke mechanics and timing. The Skier's Edge gives you the lateral strength and agility you need for quickness and improved court coverage.

Traditionally, water skiers have had to train in the water behind a boat. The Skier's Edge now offers water skiers the chance to practice proper weight transfer year-round on land, while also building lateral strength and cardiovascular fitness.

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"It's the ultimate exercise machine, that's fun and easy to use. A great benefit to your weight loss program, it's also an ideal cross-training machine that will help you improve in you favorite sport without jarring your joints like other aerobic activities."

San Francisco Chronicle

"'s wonderfully getting skiers' legs in shape... Most indoor exercise equipment is oriented toward forward motion. The Skier's Edge takes the opposite tactic, however. It builds the lower body with lateral orientation. The advantages are obvious to anyone who plays tennis, handball, or other sports where lateral movement is a mainstay, and where building quickness, timing, balance, and rhythm are important."


"With ever increasing statistics, the amount of overweight people in America now outnumbers the total population of many countries. The point is that this machine is more than a secret weapon for skiers and athletes, it is a fun way to stay in shape."

The New York Times

"...also a conditioner for tennis, hockey, football, skating, sail boarding and water skiing...useful in rehabilitating knee injuries...15 minutes on the exerciser will exhaust the best of athletes."