T7™ - Custom Build


THE T7 sets the standard for Skier's Edge machines. We've taken the best selling machines from the past 30 years and re-engineered them top to bottom. Featuring our all-new Power Band configuration providing better performance and amazing feel. The larger profile of the base and the carriage provide increased stability for intense workouts and quick movements. Watch Video

    Designed with the skier in mind, the new T7 combines premium quality construction with precise lateral movement to perfectly simulate skiing. There's nothing like the T7 on the market. Customize your machine to fit your goals and feel better than you've ever dreamed!
  • Base Skier's Edge model.
  • Sturdy, solid design.
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  • Natural Slope™ Natural Slope™ +
    Whether an experienced or beginner skier - leaning back is probably the most common mistake. With the Natural Slope you'll get dynamic balance while training in an aggressive forward position. Learn More
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  • Assistant Coach Balance Bar™ Assistant Coach Balance Bar™ +
    The Assistant Coach Balance Bar can be added to any T7 or QS7 machine. The bar is ideal for individuals who prefer additional support while working out. It's the perfect choice for the entire family. Learn More
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  • Transport Wheels™ Transport Wheels™ +
    Moving your Skier's Edge around couldn't be easier with the Transport Wheels. These durable wheels are equipped with precision bearings for smooth rolling action. Learn More. Learn More
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  • 5 Year Warranty +
    For residential/individual use only

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