Assistant Coach Balance Bar™

"Whether you're a beginner like me or a seasoned pro like my wife, the Assistant Coach Bar offers more stability so you can stay on the machine longer. With the Assistant Coach Bar, I can keep my focus on developing proper technique so I have the skills I need to ski with the best."

- B. Musgrave, Jacksonville, FL


The Assistant Coach Balance Bar can be added to the T7 or QS7 machines. The bar is ideal for individuals who prefer additional support while working out. It's the perfect choice for the entire family. When you want to use the poles, all you need to do is turn around on the machine and face the opposite direction. Watch Video

This version of the Assistant Coach Balance Bar is compatible ONLY with the new 7 series models.

To add an Assistant Coach Balance Bar to an older model, please call to verify compatibility: 800-225-9669

Add the Assistant Coach Balance Bar™ to your custom QS7 or T7:

Customize QS7

Customize T7