For five years I have been a terminal intermediate who only skied the groomed blue runs. Six months ago I started using the Skier’s Edge. I am now doing moguls and black diamonds without trouble and enjoying skiing more than ever!

- R.Blanche, Ashland, OR

Mere words can’t describe my excitement and satisfaction with my Skier’s Edge. The benefits have been phenomenal. I’ve already noticed improvement in my stamina and strength. Then there’s been the added benefit of losing 9 pounds and 6-1/2 inches off my hips and thighs in less than 2 months! I’m definitely hooked!!

- M. Alton Roanoke, VA

“The motions of the Skier’s Edge are exactly the same as those required on the slopes, and my skiing has undergone an amazing improvement since I started using it. It is easy and fun to use, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a quantum leap in their ski technique in the shortest possible time!”

- A. Harris Albuquerque, NM

“This is the best exercise and conditioning equipment I have ever used. The key word here is used. I am maintaining an 81 lb. weight loss and I use this equipment because I enjoy it!”

- A. Shelton Irving, TX

“I am 66 years old and until I purchased my Skier’s Edge had been a mediocre skier. My skiing improved dramatically, immediately and continued to improve. During a trip to the Canadian Rockies I skied terrain more challenging that I’d ever hoped to ski even as a much younger person.”

- S. Mooser Portland, OR

“Excellent machine...In two weeks I dropped weight and an inch off my hips and thighs. The increase in my aerobic capacity was huge and I didn’t fatigue on our 3 day ski trip. I have also been using the Skier’s Edge to rehab my foot which I broke a year ago and my knee where I tore my muscles. I’m now using it on my patients who have been injured.”

- Dr. J. Kerin Castle Rock, CO

“Well, I purchased this to strengthen my legs and keep in shape all year long, but I find the rest of the family hogging it. What a well-built, great machine. Simple words – Love it, wish I had bought it years ago!

- A. Paquette Southbury, CT

“I think your machine is tops. I heli-ski each year, have skied for 54 years, and think this is the best workout for skiing I’ve experienced. The Powder/Mogul Master has turned my powder fantasy into reality.”

- L. Bloomer Los Angeles, CA